Choreography & Performance

Disclosure Tactics (2012)

Choreography: Sarah Wilbur

Photo credit: Da Zu


[Theater, Musical Theater, Opera, TV, Film]

Musical Theater                                                                                                        Venue/director

HAIR                                                                                                Sunset Playhouse/Ray Jivoff

IMAGINE!                                                                       South Coast Rep/Stefan Novinski

Why Do Fools Fall in Love?                                           Milwaukee Rep/Roger Bean

The Taffettas                                                                       Chamber Theatre/Mark Lococo

A Grand Night for Singing                          Skylight Music Theatre/Ed Burgess

The Christmas Schooner                          Skylight Music Theatre/Paula Suozzi

Bunnicula                                                 First Stage Children’s Theater/Pat Holland

Ferdinand the Bull                          First Stage Children’s Theater/John Maclay

Green Gables                                        First Stage Children’s Theater/John Maclay


Opera                                                                                                                                Venue/Director

The Merry Widow  (AGMA)                            Florentine Opera/Albert Sherman

The Midnight Angel                                                           Skylight Opera/Paula Suozzi

Romeo & Juliet                                                   Skylight Music Theatre/Paula Suozzi


Theater                                                                                                                             Venue/Director

An Acorn                                                                      Trinity Repertory/Mauricio Salgado

Time Slips                                    UW-Milwaukee/Gülügun Kayim, Anne Basting

A Winter’s Tale                                                  Milwaukee Shakespeare/Gia Forakis

The Jammer                                                             Bialystock & Bloom/Jonathan West

Romeo & Juliet                                       Marquette University/Maureen Kilmurry


Film                                                                                                                                     Venue/Director

The Guest Director                                         Big Cattle Productions/Logan Bazaar


Television                                                                                                                       Venue/Director

Ice Cream Social”   Sundance Film Channel/David Robbins, Sarah Price

“BABBLE”                                                          Milwaukee Public Television/Bill Finn​


Performance Credits [musical theater]

Animal Crackers     Dance Captain  Skylight Music Theatre/Bill Theissen

Cabaret                             Dance Captain     Skylight Music Theatre/Pam Kriger

Oklahoma!                    Dance Captain                      Monomoy Theater/Alan Rust

Pippin                                Ensemble                  Sunset Playhouse/Dave Mackinson


Performance Credits [concert dance]

Los Angeles (2008-present)

Rebecca Bryant

Arianne MacBean/The Big Show Co.

Maria Gillespie/Onidance

Simone Forti


Milwaukee (1997-2008)

Andre Tyson

Janet Lilly

Simone Ferro

Ed Burgess

Ben Munisteri


Milwaukee (1997-2007)

Danceworks Performance Company (company repertory by resident choroegraphers including:  Dani Kuepper, Kim Johnson Rockafellow, Megan McCusker, Jen Moore, Jeni Frazee, Andrea Hill, and guest commissions by Ben Munisteri, Sean Curran, Brian Jeffery, Ed Burgess, Simone Ferro, and Heinz Poll.




Disclosure Tactics  (2012)

Choreography: Sarah Wilbur

Glorya Kaufman Dance Theatre, UCLA

Photo: Da Xu


[Contemporary Concert Dance/Theatre]

Disclosure Tactics (2018)        Danceworks Performance Co.

Disclosure Tactics (2017)                                       Brown University

Dance for Veterans (2014)           DCA residency performance

I Before We   (2012)       Danceworks Performance Company

Disclosure Tactics (2012)                                     MFA Thesis/UCLA

Here Comes Everybody  (2011)                             LA Valley College

Progress (2010)                                                                                             UCLA

Here Comes Everybody (2009)                Cal State Long Beach

Untidy States (2009)                                         Cal State Long Beach

The Greatest Dance On Earth (excerpts) (2008)      The Yard

Modern Untensils (2008)       Burbank Unified School Dist.

Arrivals and Departures (2007)     Milwaukee Ballet School

Kim's House of Cards (2007)                                                               DPC

Endangered Strangers (2007)                                                             DPC

Pas De Two  (2006)                          Danceworks Mixed Six

THROWN (2006)                                                                                         DPC

Willing To Risk (2006)                                                                             DPC

I Before We (2006)                                                                                        DPC

The Wide Sky Dance Project (2005)                                             DPC

in/love/with/falling (2005)                                                                    DPC

Restrained Order (2005)                                                                         DPC

Unlikely Event (2004)                                                                               DPC

Iron Migration (2004)                                                                                DPC

Beautiful Things (2004)                                                                           DPC

Lucky Seven (2003)                                                                                     DPC

THROWN (2002)                                                                                         DPC

Like Humans Do (2002)                                                                         DPC

Stay (2001)                                                                                                            DPC

Growing (2001)                                                                                                 DPC

Dont's For Dancers (2000)                                                                   DPC

Cafe Music   (2000)                                                                                      DPC How I got My Dad To Watch Modern Dance (2000)       DPC


Works choreographed 1996-2000 available upon request

Simone Forti

See Saw  (1961)

Re-performance (2012)

The Box Gallery, Los Angeles

Photo: Nguyen Nguyen

Performers: Brennan Girard, Sarah Wilbur

An Acorn by Caridad Svich

Director: Mauricio Salgado

Choreography: Sarah Wilbur

Brown/Trinity Repertory, Providence, RI


See Saw (1961), 2011
Choreography: Simone Forti
Performance: Brennan Girard, Sarah Wilbur
The Box Gallery, Los Angeles

Disclosure Tactics  (2012)

Choreography: Sarah Wilbur

Glorya Kaufman Dance Theatre, UCLA

Photo: Da Xu

Willing to Risk: A Wide Sky Dance Project, 2006

Choreography: Sarah Wilbur and Dani Kuepper

John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI 

Danceworks Performance Company

Disclosure Tactics  (2018)

Choreography: Sarah Wilbur

Next Act Theater, Milwaukee WI

Danceworks Performance Company

Photo: Paul Ruffalo

Simone Forti

See Saw  (1961)

Re-performance (2012)

The Box Gallery, Los Angeles

Photo: Nguyen Nguyen

Performers: Brennan Girard, Sarah Wilbur

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Dance Advocate.

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Dance

Duke University

Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A.

I am Sarah Wilbur. I am a dance artist and scholar whose creative and academic research together recognize the parity between dances that are performed and the aspects of dance making that are suppressed or ignored.  I am invested in illuminating the vital contributions of dance and arts labor and laborers. My academic research asks how economic flows and institutionalized norms of arts production make people move and organize arts work. Archivally and ethnographically, I study local arts work worlds to show people enact policies--and alternative possibilities--in order to sustain enabling environments for the arts. I work principally in a US context.


I currently serve as an Assistant Professor of the Practice of Dance in the Dance Program at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, U.S. As a dance artist, I have spent over two decades working between the non-profit arts production contexts of concert dance, musical theater, opera, and experimental performance, K-12 education, social service, health care, and Veterans' Affairs. My cross-sector trajectories as a practicing dance artist strongly informs my approach to research and teaching.


I am currently completing a book that asks how instruments of federal arts funding make dance artists move through the enduring struggle to resource and recognize dance across the first fifty years of grant making at the Dance Program at the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). I am also concurrently conducting ethnographic research on local dance work worlds in off-center US communities as part of my second monograph, and working with a large team of artists, healthcare providers, senior advocates, and service providers in Durham on an arts engagement initiative aimed at fostering a creative community of care for elders living with Dementia and cognitive impairments.

I hold terminal degrees in dance practice (M.F.A.) and culture and performance (Ph.D.) from UCLA's Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance. I also hold a B.F.A. in dance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

I have taught dance studio, seminar, and hybrid courses in academia since 1997 at five diverse American universities. My studio-oriented courses help students to situate their dance practices and productions in cultural and political economic contexts. My seminar courses apply body-focused research methods to the study of cultural performances in and beyond the arts.  In July of 2018, I joined the Duke Dance faculty after completing a two-year appointment as the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in dance studies at Brown University (2016-2018). At Duke, I teach studio courses in improvisation and interdisciplinary performance and seminar/lecture courses in critical dance studies, dance research and writing, theories of corporeality, arts labor and political economy, critical dance pedagogy, and most recently, artists in the US healthcare system. 

More on my institutional affiliations here:


Assistant Professor of the Practice of Dance                       

Dance Department

Duke University

Box 90686

2020 Campus Drive 209F

Durham, NC 27708-0685

Office Phone: 919-660-3369            

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